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Make Your Books More Valuable with Custom Book Boxes

At this holy Christmas event, we can see how everyone rejoices to give gifts during this sacred time. Books can be perfect gifts to present on this holiday. However, while giving gifts during this special time is important, some people may not have enough time to wrap their gifts by themselves. Well, custom book boxes can add value to your gifts and keep your customers happy with their purchases at the same time. Yes, you can make your books even more valuable and attractive with these boxes! How? Let’s find out!

Turn Your Book Packaging Boxes into Beautiful Christmas Gifts

Now let's be real and view this case from your own perspective. Ask the question below to yourself.

  • What do you expect when you receive a book as a gift for this special event?

  • Are you excited to see how beautiful the packaging looks when you open it?

Of course, your book has to look beautiful and appealing as a gift. The good thing is that you can turn your book packaging boxes into valuable and attractive gifts.

To do this, you can try adding the following add-ons to your boxes:

  • A friendly hang tag in the shape of Santa Claus or a Christmas tree is perfect

  • A warm greeting such as "Merry Christmas" on the front or inside the boxes

Your customers will be tempted to bring your books home when they see them wrapped in beautifully designed decorative book boxes.

Don't Skip Your Branding Elements on Book Subscription Boxes!

Arguably, this Christmas special once-a-year occasion is the perfect time to introduce your brand to a wider audience. You can print your branding elements on your book subscription boxes to display your branding correctly.

But wait a minute. That doesn't mean you have to go to extreme branding with the boxes. Instead, you can do this creatively by applying some key details that reflect your specific and unique brand identity.

To do this, you can try the following tips:

  • Make sure the color of your packaging design matches the color of your logo

  • Emboss or deboss your brand logo to make your boxes stand out even more

  • Give your customers more reasons to purchase your books.

  • Tell your exciting brand story with stylish and readable font styles

In simple words, you can make your books sell out even more with smart and effective branding of your book product boxes. Most importantly, those customers will perceive your books as branded and more appealing. Thus, we can say that this strategy is worth trying.

Personalization for Book Storage Boxes Is a Smart Marketing Approach

Making your book products more valuable and attractive is a smart marketing approach. To do this, you can try sending treats along with your book storage boxes to your customers, including merchandise such as:

  • Pencils

  • T-shirts with their names on them

  • A lovely diary

  • And so on

The originality of personalized connection through your wholesale book boxes makes your books something those customers will never forget.

Final Ideas

Your custom book boxes can eventually do so much more to help you sell more this Christmas. By applying unique designs to the boxes, you can help make your books look like beautiful gifts. More than that, these appealing boxes will make your books more valuable and attractive to your customers. As a result, they will be proud to present your books as their Christmas gifts to their loved ones. All you have to do is explore your ideas and get more creative with your boxes. If you are ready to do so, CustomProductBoxes will love to help you design the best boxes!

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  • Nov 11 2022
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