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Limit 'Updates Required' to critical risk items only. Wrap everything else up in an annual review

Make CL a 12-month accreditation which only goes to 'updates required' if key risk data goes out of date - insurances, accounts, SSiP, all categories expired. Leave expired policies - environment, drugs and alcohol, equality etc etc etc - for an annual review which needs to be completed within an given timescale - say 4 weeks, or the profile goes to 'Updates required'.

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  • Aug 1 2019
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    6 Jan 09:00am

    It's a good idea to prioritize the most critical items when it comes to updates and accreditations. By focusing on key risk data such as insurance, accounts, and SSiP, you can ensure that your organization's operations are running smoothly and compliantly. At the same time, it might be helpful to wrap other items, such as expired policies on environment, drugs and alcohol, and equality, into an annual review process. This would allow you to address these items in a more systematic and comprehensive way, rather than having to constantly update them on an ongoing basis. By setting a specific timescale for completing this annual review, such as four weeks, you can also help ensure that your organization's profile stays current and up to date.

    Dien May Gia Phu

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    24 Feb, 2020 07:06am

    fantastic idea.  The ongoing near daily things needing changed is a nightmare.  Have periodic update windows only.